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Research has shown that one of the most difficult transitions young people make is that from Secondary School to the workforce.

Youth today face a range of issues including bullying, cyberbullying, peer pressure, anxiety, harassment, exposure to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs whilst at the same time struggling with the issues around personal safety, eating disorders and mental health and starting the road to adult life.

With your support we can provide these young people with the ultimate life skills resource book to not only provide information and guidance around these problems and hurdle but also the appropriate agencies to seek help from.

These handbooks are distributed every year, free of charge, to secondary schools around New Zealand to be given to school-leavers.


New Zealand Proud Partners

About Blue Light

The NZ Streetsmart Handbook is proudly endorsed by our proud partner Blue Light – empowering youth. They work in partnership with the New Zealand police to deliver an extensive range of youth programmes and activities.


The Street Smarthandbook is a practical life guide for school-leavers that is designed to help prepare today's youth for life after school.

The handbook covers important topics from sexual health and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse to legal rights and applying for a loan. It offers information specific to the school leaver.


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